Floor Plan

Below you’ll see the basic floor plan for Southern Exposure’s two levels.


Hurricane Irma update, Dec., 2017: Kindly note that due to the destruction caused by 2017’s Hurricane Irma, the separate ‘cabana’ unit shown below at right as a one-bedroom, one-bath unit is no longer available, as it was destroyed in the hurricane.  The remainder of the 3-bedroom, 3-bath home, pictured below, remains intact and as described.

The main house and its master bedroom (up) are at left.


Southern Exposure Floor Plan – Upper Level



Access to the lower house level is via an outside (lighted) stairway, at the front of the home.

Please note that the left-most downstairs bedroom accesses the rest of the lower level by walking a few steps outside (under cover) around to the covered deck, through the sliding doors.  This is generally considered the most private (quiet) bedroom in the house.  Those who prefer to ‘sleep in’ might choose this room (king-size bed).


Southern Exposure Floor Plan – Lower Level


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